Newaven Harbour - Quays on the East Side

Each time I visit Newhaven it seems that further bits of the quays on th East of the Ouse fall into decay, (and most likely into the Ouse - ) So I've made a photographic record of the East side (11th August 2009) and merged all the photographs into a single panorama. There's obviously a lack of continuity, - the bridge, Denton island, RNLI etc which prevent a viewpoint from the West quay, - so there's perspective distotion and odd fades, but hopefully you'll get the picture..... and it's a big picture. The idea is you click on the small image below which will launch a new page for you to scroll left to right. The image will take a while to load - it's aprox 500kb.

Newhaven East Quays Paul Smith photography

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