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These pages below are intended to offer guides on common Powerpoint issues, starting with how to get movies playing within PowerPoint (2007) Things have changed from a movie point of view in PowerPoint 2010, more on that from the links below

Have you noticed how PowerPoint novices like to cram their PowerPoint with all the features they've discovered? I call this Paul's Inverse PowerPoint Principle - that the number of fancy animations, transitions, text effects etc is inverserly proportional to the experience of the user. The more experience, the fewer efects.

Many guides to PowerPoint, especially those attempting to sell designs, templates etc. concentrate on fancy designs and backgrounds - which are rarely necessary. It's the information within the slides thats important. You are trying to get a message across, - teaching, sales or whatever, not showing off clever PowerPoint gizmos. so keep it simple. The jury is out over whether dark text/light background, or light text dark backround is best. I favour the latter. The darkest PowerPoint blue for a background, (RGB 0,0,102) and White or yellow text. Coupled with a sans serif font suchs as Gill Sans MT and you have the perfect starting point. Then when presenting, look at the audience, don't spend the entire session looking over your shoulder waving a laser pointer about. In fact bin the laser pointer, stand by the PC, and use the mouse pointer.

Here's some info then, starting with getting youtube into your presentation.

March 2015 Embed Youtube video using Shockwave flash Object usually works  
July 2014 - Embed Youtube reurns to PowerPoint (2013 Example) rarely works --  

PowerPoint 2010

Extract movies embedded in PowerPoint 2010 (so you can play them in earler versions)

PowerPoint 2007 (and 2010, except movies)

PowerPoint XP 2003, 2000, etc

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