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Extract embedded movies from PowerPoint 2010


In PowerPoint 2010 the default action is for movies to be embedded into the PowerPoint file, rather than linked to it, which has been the case in previous versions. You could find that a movie embedded into a 2010 presentation would not play at all in earlier versions, and that it was not possible to extract the movie. So you might have made a PowerPoint 2010 presentation at home, with an embedded movie which would not play elsewhere in PowerPoint 2007/2003. One method of playing the movie would be to have “PowerPoint 2010 viewer” available, which can be downloaded free from Microsoft

There is however a method of extracting embedded movies. Windows explorer (my computer) must be available, showing file extensions. If file extensions are not seen, go to Tools>Folder Options>View and un-tick the box “Hide Extensions for Known File Types” Click OK.

Make a copy of the PowerPoint file concerned. In Windows Explorer change the File Extension from pptx to zip. The PowerPoint icon will change to a zip folder. Double click to open this folder and extract the contents, then open the ppt folder, and finally open the media folder. Images and movie files will be visible.


In this example the movie “” was a QuickTime/Mov file which cannot usually be played in PowerPoint 2007 or earlier. To view the movie open in QuickTime player. If the file was wmv/avi or another compatible file, it can be inserted back into the presentation using PowerPoint 2007, the file now being linked rather than embedded.

This technique might also be useful as a convenient way of extracting all images from a presentation. Note that it will only work on pptx files, not ppt. However, a ppt file can be opened with PowerPoint 2010/2007 and “saved as” pptx. This should also work on PowerPoint files created on a Mac. Photo Index