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Reducing the File Size of a PowerPoint Presentation

I've seen PowerPoint files containing just a few pictures, but which are over 400Mb in size. There's rarely a need for a presentation to be above 7 or 8Mb, regardless of how many pictures it includes. See here for picture guidelines. If you are
still stuck witha huge file, try the techniques below.

In PowerPoint 2007 there is an option on the picture tool bar to "Compress Pictures" which can be applied automatically to all pictures in the presentation. Click on a picture in the presentation and click on "Format" on the ribbon. Then Click on "Compress Picture" You will be given the choice to apply compresion to all, or selected pictures only. Make your choice then click "Options



Compression Settings
The Compression settings box appears. Select the options as appropriate. This example shows settings for on screen display. Now check your file size, and see if there has been much reduction. If not there is a further tool to try. This involves the "Paste Special" option, which ensures any picture is a jpeg. This is done one picture at a time.
Click on the picture. On the Home tab, click "cut" The picture will disappear. Then click on the small arrow below paste, and from the menu, select "Paste Special". A new window appears, - select "Picture (JPEG)" and then OK. The picture will now reappear in your slide. The picture will have a narrow border, may have moved position slightly, or changed order in relation to text etc.Continue with any other pictures in the presentation, and save. It's likely that the file size will be further reduced. As always, have a back up of the presentation so you can check no important detail has been lost.
Paste Special
Paste jpeg